Biggest Step So Far

Hello Cocks and Sluts….

I have finally taken a huge step in Slutdom, and want to share it with you filthy fuckers right now!

I was up in the West End of London, bored, and began looking through my phone to see who I could get up to some mischief with….when suddenly, I got a call from an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. He happened to be not far from where I was, so we met in a bar.

It was so exciting seeing him after so long, and the chemistry was definitely there. We were flirting, and I was plucking up the courage to invite him back to my place, as I have NEVER done this before in my life. Especially when I have a boyfriend !!!

I know he is kinda shy, so almost expected for me to throw the idea out there and just be proud of myself for trying….He only took me up on the idea ! I felt sick with nerves, and was going to just pretend it was a joke and laugh it off. But, I didn’t…..

We got some drinks, and speedily jumped in a taxi en route to my place. The sexual energy was so high, I felt drunk. We started passionately kissing in the back of the taxi, I was thinking of my boyfriend, and how Supersonic Horny it would make him, as it was so spur of the moment.

I could hardly get the key in the door when we arrived at my apartment, and clothes started flying off as we were swigging from the JD bottle at the same time. We both jumped into the shower to freshen up, and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. He bent me over and brushed his cock up and down my clit a couple of times before pushing the tip of his swollen cock inside my super wet pussy. I wanted it deeper, NOW, but he was teasing me, and biting my neck, and I loved it!

He pushed it in as far as he could and played with my clit at the same time…I really didn’t want to come too soon and let on how aroused I was, even though it was pretty obvious.

After our steamy shower, we jumped on the bed and he stuck his lovely long hard cock into my mouth, still wet from the shower, and my sweet juices. He was moaning so loudly I had to deep throat him till he shot his load right down my throat..something I only do with my VIP Cocks !

His eyes were burning with desire, and it was like a competition, who could make the other climax more times. He flipped me over and started licking my pussy. It was amazing. I hadn’t been that turned on in a long time, knowing that my boyfriend had no idea what I was doing, and thought I was shopping.

Then, as he was licking, he inserted two fingers into my now dripping wet pussy, and I knew I couldn’t hold back. I let out a massive groan, and came onto his face and fingers. My pussy was throbbing and shaking.

I knew this session was just beginning. We fucked six times. In the Kitchen, all over my huge sofa, the floor, my spare bedroom, the hallway. My favourite was the balcony. The traffic flying past while I was bent over the balcony getting fucked good and proper. He has a bend in his cock which seems to hit ALL the right spots…..

I couldn’t get enough!

Before I knew it, he was in a taxi home, and I was left in a shuddering mess on my bed, and my mobile started ringing. It was my boyfriend. OMFG. I decided NOT to tell him, to add to the absolute horniness of the whole thing. I told him exactly a week later, and he didn’t believe me. We were driving on the motorway, and he literally pulled into the hard shoulder and fucked me so hard, I thought I would split. I was drowning in the amout of spunk that was injected into my pussy I nearly choked. I covered my body in the creampie on the hard shoulder as trucks shot past, completely oblivious to what we were doing.

When we got home, he kept remembering what I had told him, and without warning I would be bent over, thrown on the bed, or carried to the kitchen counter so he could fuck me some more, and thank me for being such a SecretSlut…..mmmmmmm…..I’m lovin’ it like McDonalds J Catch ya next time X

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Vegas Baby

I’m going to Las Vegas to meet a ton of porn stars! Who’d of thought it. My blog is doing so well that I’ve got a secret following of horny female porn stars who love all my filthy stories, and want to be a part of it, by doing slutty, dirty things to me. Wow, I cannot wait.

There is only one porn guy that has found out about me on twitter, and he sent me a filthy filthy message. I know you want to know what it said, so I’m gonna cut and paste it here for you to get all spunky over…

“Wow !

Skye Fox! Where have you been all my life. You are so hot, I even told my girlfriend about you, and she wants us to get together when you come to Vegas, so we can fuck while your boyfriend and her watches us.

She has a fantasy about me fucking you over the balcony outside our hotel room, in broad daylight. Bending you over the bars, while I take you from behind. The fresh air running all over our naked bodies….

Then you and my girlfriend can suck mine and you mans cocks!

Just an idea. I will let you finish off the fantasy when we see you. If you still want to :)

Gotta go. Gotta fuck my girl while thinking about you Skye……

Hope to see you very soon,

Chris and Nadine X”

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Just popping out hunnie

So, my little naughty Sluts and Cocks..I hope you haven’t missed me too much, as I have been hard at work instigating and creating amazing scenarios. Most of them have been extremely successful, and take very careful planning, which I seem to be very good at, because apparantly I look so innocent (LMFAO).

This particular evening, my friend had invited me around to her house. She had just broken up with her dodgy boyfriend, but has a little black book the size of the Bible ! Some hunky Polish guys were in town, a very very gorgeous male model, and a hot DJ from Brighton. And me. And her! Wow!

My boyfriend was home, and I just got myself ready, and just told him I was going to a friends for drinks. Well, I was ;) !

When I arrived, I was very nervous, as I kinda knew how this was gonna turn out, but my boyfriend had no idea.

A gin and tonic or two would definitely sort that out. OMG I was scared, but it gives me such a powerful horn, knowing what I’m going to be doing, and what I’ll be doing to them. A night at this friends house is NOT for the feignt hearted let me tell you, but I was hungry for cock right now!

I was very pleased that I was the first to arrive, I found the best spot to sit in and gather the cocks around me, which I must say, didn’t take long at all to happen. The best way for me to control this was to say as little as possible, cut the cheesy conversations, and just pull out a cock and start sucking it.

Mmmm, it was the DJ’s, who was very outgoing and sexual, so that helped, as he followed my very strong lead. The guests were arriving, and i was kneeling on the sofa wiggling my ass in the air, still fully clothed, sucking a very large cock. Their eyes lit up, and I was so pleased that the full on tactic was the best option for tonight.

The two Polish guys didn’t even wait for their drink, cocks out and in my mouth. 3 whole cocks to myself while my mate was playing hostess. Shame lol :)

They were really getting into the rhythm of each cock on rotation of deep-throat and gagging me, with me spitting, and dribbling all over them, absolutely loving all the male attention. Someone grabbing my ass, someone groping my breasts through my tight top, nipples so erect, and the other pushing my head deep towards his chest onto his fat pulsating cock. Mmmmmm

One of them just ripped off my clothes, suddenly, the other span my ass around as if they both were fighting over which one had my pussy first. I loved it.

Rammed is the only description I can come up with. I smile widely as I think about all the different positions I got thrown into. We were at it for hours like we were posessed cavemen lol.

The best bit was when I got on top of one of them, and my pussy was so tight and wet, he tried to stop himself but he lost control and shot his creamy load, straight into my throbbing pussy, I locked my pussy tighter onto it taking every inch, grinding into him.

Then the other two stood either side of me, and came in my face and mouth. I relished every drop, gargling and playing with it in my mouth. Tastes so good.

I can just imagine my boyfriends frenzy when I tell him about how filthy I have been…….until next time…..mmmmm

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Slutty sleep over

I have been a really bad girl this week. I don’t know what has come over me. My friend Jake, who I haven’t seen for a long, long time was in town with his girlfriend, and wanted to catch up. So I invited them for dinner at my place, and said they could stay in my guest room.

 Dinner was lovely, his girlfriend was very sweet, and cute, and my boyfriend got on really well with both of them. Drinks were flowing, good music, good company, and I was feeling extra horny. Sasha, Jakes girlfriend was very straight, and I could tell it wasn’t going to be one of “those” nights with her. Shame, as I think she would love it deep down, pun intended !

 I went to the bathroom to fix my hair and make up, and there was a knock at the door, it was Jake. I let him in, and we had a little chat, but he was edging closer and closer towards me. He clearly had the same idea I did, but he confirmed that Sasha wouldn’t be up for it. He pressed his body up against me and said “It doesn’t mean we can’t have fun”. Well, I didn’t need much persuading, so smiling, I got down on my knees, unzipped him, and revealed his amazing girth from his jeans. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth and Jake leaned against the wall with a gasp. It was hot and hard in my mouth, my saliva coating it, my tongue exploring, as I took the whole throbbing lot to the back of my throat. In. Out. In. Out. Mmmmm, it felt so good.

 Just as we were really getting into it, I could hear footsteps coming closer to where we were. I stood up quickly, wiped my mouth and reached for my lipstick as Jake was speedily zipping and buckling, talking loudly about what I don’t know, with me just replying “yes, you’re so right” to cover our naughtiness. It was Sasha ! Luckily, she wasn’t suspicious at all, and we continued the night very successfully.

 We all said goodnight at around 1am, but I wasn’t sleepy at all. As I was undressing, I told my boyfriend about the encounter me and Jake had earlier. He was so turned on, he bent me over the bed and started fucking me, with his hand round me, rubbing my clit. He told me that he wished we hadn’t got disturbed, and had fucked on the bathroom floor, while he was politely chatting to an oblivious Sasha. Then, an idea popped into his filthy, dirty mind. Why don’t I go downstairs to the guest room in a while, when they are both asleep, and get Jake to fuck me while she sleeps. Risky, I thought, but I loved the idea. It made us fuck even harder and my pussy was dripping wet, my nipples were so hard, they literally hurt. He threw me onto the bedroom floor, lifted my legs over my head and started pumping me really slow, getting every last bit of his throbbing cock inside me. What an amazing view, and feeling. We fucked over the whole bedroom for about an hour, but didn’t want to come. We were saving ourselves for the finale.

 I tip-toed down the stairs, pussy throbbing from fucking, and also the excitement of what I was about to attempt. I slowly turned the door handle and opened the door very slightly to see the two of them sound asleep. Excellent! I took a deep breath, and then my inner Slut took over. I walked quietly into the room, leaving the door ajar, and very gently sat on the bed on his side. Slowly lifting up the covers, I reached inside and started stroking his body and then found his cock. He was soudly sleeping for a few minutes, until he became hard and was stirring. He couldn’t believe what was happening when he realized Sasha was unconscious infront of him and I was behind him, wanking him off. I couldn’t believe how hard his cock became then, and we started kissing slowly, as he maneuvered himself around very carefully onto his back. I glanced over to the door, and I could see two eyes peering at me, sparkling with excitement. I knew he wouldn’t want to miss this. I was very nervous about her waking up. What would we say. She would be livid I expect. Fuck it ! She’s only known him a couple of months J I whispered “I’m going to fuck your hard cock right now”, and before he had a chance to respond, I was sliding on top of him. I leant down and stuck my tongue in his mouth as I very slowly slid back and forth over his cock, and then it just slid right into my pussy. OMG it was so exciting. Sasha didn’t make a sound, and neither did we. I can’t believe I was fucking her boyfriend while she was in the bed sleeping next to him.

 My pussy was red hot and juices were running all over him as I moved slowly up and down, filling my pussy with his cock, Knowing my boyfriend was watching at the door made me want to explode with excitement. Jake had a huge smile on his face as he played with my nipples as I rode him, wriggling my ass slowly so he got into every corner of me. After some time, Sasha made a noise and began to stir. I lay down on his chest, frozen. My heart was pounding so loud, I thought that might wake her. False alarm, she didn’t wake up. Phew ! Now, more turned on than ever, started moving, getting faster now cos I wanted him to come inside me, so I could get out of there quicktime . I was coming too, and am normally quite vocal, so it was a miracle I kept silent. I think I bit my arm lol. I was rubbing my clit onto him, and was so hot and flustered. I could feel his come squirting up inside of me, filling me up. There was so much of it trickling down my thighs and onto him, it was so horny.

I thought I’d better not push my luck, so slowly lifted myself off him, gave him a slow kiss, and left.

 As I shut the door, I turned around to see my boyfriend red faced, panting, with a huge stiffy pointing at me.  He led me over to the stairs and sat me down, parted my legs and began licking my juicy, come covered pussy. It was all over his face, and he was loving it. He couldn’t handle any more and had to fuck me. Fuck me with all of Jakes spunk inside me, getting pushed back up on my boyfriends cock. Amazing. And that’s all I can say. I can’t believe that we got away with it. Loving my new Slutty life !

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Home Alone

Hello my sexy sluts and toys. I’m back to share with you another episode in my newly found Slutdom. It’s so good to be able to share my experiences as they happen, first hand with you. Kind of liberating. So, I hope you are sitting comfortably with your naughty Sluts, Toys and or respectful other halves, hopefully naked, like me ! :)

 So, my boyfriend and I are getting on really well, but he is so busy with work, and it often takes him jet-setting across the country and the globe. This sometimes leaves me by myself for days at a time, feeling lonely, and being as highly sexed as I am, I need to be satisfied and serviced multiple times a day, or I get moody and frustrated and can’t focus on my own work schedule.

 As I write this, he is in Paris for meetings and hopefully buying his Secret-Slut girlfriend lots of beautiful French lingerie for me to wear for him and maybe not just him :)

 He got a lovely surprise last night when we were on Skype. Just general chit-chat at first, about our daily routine, and then 5 minutes into the conversation, I told him that I had a surprise for him. This put a huge grin on his face and bulge in his pants, because he knows my surprises lately aren’t the normal, run-of-the-mill surprises.

 I walked away from the computer after telling him to pay attention while I’m away, and all would be revealed.

 My doorbell rang, so I pressed the buzzer, and greeted the visitor at the door, the identity soon to be revealed. It was our friends Sarah and Mike. Super hot minx with a pumped up muscle man beefcake…mmmmm.  I gave them a glass of wine and we chatted briefly, but Sarah is a very naughty slut and soon began kissing me, all in view of my boyfriend who was watching intently via webcam. My friends had no idea I had invited them round for a Secret Slutty camming session. My man however was slowly getting the picture :)

 She quickly started kissing my neck and pulling my small, pert, very soft, yet erect nipples out of my flimsy lacy top, to which Mike had no hesitation in enjoying my other breast, licking and sucking, quite roughly and manly, which gave me the Slutty sparkle in my eye as I looked directly into the webcam at my man.

 I decided to instigate me being in the middle of the two of them, so I got down on my knees in front of Mike, pulled out his cock, made Sarah spit on it, told her to suck my pussy, and I sucked and licked his swollen, erect penis as I moaned with pleasure as she was sucking my sweet juices, flicking my clit with her tongue. It made me so wet being in between the two of them, wondering what my boyfriend was doing in Paris, watching me being a very naughty girl. I was gagging on Mike’s cock as he grabbed my head and rammed it onto him. It was really turning him on to see all my saliva running down my face and dribbling down his helmet.

 I was so turned on, I could feel my juices trickling down my thighs to which Sarah started drinking and licking to not let a drop escape. I knew I wanted the cock, so I picked Sarah up, lay her down on my desk, right infront of webcam, pulled open her legs, and began to devour her pussy, bent over, inviting Mike to take me from behind. He was so hard and hot as he entered me and let out a moan cos I was so wet. I was looking straight into the camera knowing he could see everything, smiling at him. I slid my fingers up and down Sarah’s soaking wet pussy, as she wriggled and moaned in ecstasy, over her clit, and then fingering her slowly as I licked her clit, she was soaking wet while Mike was getting faster and harder, it was amazing. He had tight hold of my hips and was pulling me onto him as I was pushing back, arching my back, I had my arms holding her thighs tight as I licked and sucked, we were all so in sync with each other, it was so exciting, I thought the desk might break. I’m sure the camera was shaking all over the place, just like my legs did, as I could feel myself coming. As I told him, he got faster and harder, I started kissing Sarah and my juices just gushed everywhere all over his cock, so Sarah threw me down where she had been and was absolutely loving cleaning up my filthy slutty pussy with her big, soft, juicy lips. Mike looked possessed as he grabbed her hips and started fucking her and slapping her ass. It was a beautiful sight and I was still being licked, I lay back and shut my eyes. Wow, this was all my idea. It was getting really loud now, and I had to hold on to the table for dear life. The neighbours will be so jealous haha. These scenarios really highten your sexual senses. After they both came, fuck ! We all needed a well deserved drink, so I told them to go help themselves while I clean myself up.

I immediately called my boyfriend and he was totally shocked, amazed, ecstatic… oh yes, and just shot his load all over his laptop. I still had juices running down my thighs, and my face was flushed. I was so pleased he enjoyed it, almost as much as I did. In fact, he loved it so much, he ended up coming back a day early and fucked me all round my flat to show his appreciation. What a great Secret Slut I am. Til next time, stay tuned for the next installment, and stay horny and Slutty :)

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My first experience

My first experience – The Nightclub Toilet

After constantly thinking about what my boyfriend had said to me, I decided I was ready to try, Somehow it felt wrong to me but also very right as every time I thought about it I would instantly become horny. 

So….one evening, we were getting ready to go to a party at a club in the west end, and I made sure I looked extra spicy hot. I was determined to please my man, and also test my courage to see if I could actually pull this off. I didn’t mention it to him at all, because I figured it would turn him on much more if I whispered it softly in his ear in the cab on the way home. (Not forgetting the fact that if I didn’t do it, he’d be none the wiser :)

 His eyes nearly popped out of his head whenI said  “Ready!”.

 In the taxi on the way there, the adrenaline was pumping through my whole body, with thoughts of, what if  I don’t find someone hot enough, what if their girlfriend slaps me round the face, what if , what if….no, I have to prove to myself that I can do anything. Because I am one sexy slut !

 We walked through the doors holding hands, he turned to me gave me an amazing slow soft kiss and said he would go and get us a drink. Omg it’s now or never so I told him I was going to the little girls room, and he disappeared into the crowd.

 I started scanning the room for fresh, sexy meat, and low and behold, a tall, dark, well dressed “toy” was standing with a friend and our eyes met. Nice shoes, nice eyes, nice smile. Wow. I was so nervous, but my legs just drifted towards him without me realising. I smiled back at him, adrenaline rushed through me. I didn’t know what to say, so i just took his hand and led him towards the bathroom. He looked stunned, but it didn’t stop him following me…

 I pushed him up against the wall and kissed him so passionately, my hands feeling his strong back, his butt, and reached round to feel his already hard cock through his trousers. Mmm it felt big. So without hesitation, I dragged him into the cubicle. I didn’t care who was waiting or watching.

 It was so exciting to think my boyfriend was getting me a drink at the bar, totally unaware of what was happening. I ripped open my Toys shirt, grabbed his hand and pressed it against my knickers rubbing my pussy which was now tingling with horniness. I couldn’t wait to ram his cock inside me. I pulled my knickers to one side, pulled out his cock, still kissing him. I didn’t even know his name. He pushed me against the wall, I wrapped my leg around him and let his engorged, pulsating cock enter my pussy. It felt so good, and I didn’t care who could hear us because I was so fucking turned on. He pumped my pussy fast and hard, we were gasping and grabbing each other, moaning in ecstasy. I could feel every vein, it felt like it would explode at any second. He knew exactly what he was doing, which made it even hotter. I could feel myself building up, I was close, and could tell he was too with the total thrill of it. My legs started to shake, I gasped “I’m coming, come on fuck me… harder… harder”. He let out a moan as I bit his shoulder to muffle the sound. We gasped to catch our breath for a minute, I sat on the seat, legs quivering now with nerves and that satisfying just fucked feeling. We looked at each other and giggled as we got our clothes back on and fixed each others hair. I wiped the lipstick from around his face. I felt so good. I unlocked the door and he grabbed my arm and said “Whats your name?” I smiled and left the cubicle, quick check in the mirror, and I was back in the club searching for my man.

Well, of course he nearly passed out when I whispered to him what i’d done. what a filthy, naughty sexy slut i’d been…. Taxi !!! ;)


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The Secret Slut

The Secret Slut – How it started

Me and my boyfriend hadn’t been together very long, only a couple of weeks, when he expressed to me he would like to see me getting pleasured by another man or men, even women !

Well, as you can expect, from a “normal monogamous” girl up until now, I just couldn’t get my head around the fact he would actually get off thinking of me being naughty with another man. Crazy, I thought.

It wasn’t just that though, it was the fact that my boyfriend didn’t even have to be in the same room, building, town or country for that matter.

Initially, I laughed it off, but secretly, scenarios kept popping into my head of how it could be done.

At work, I noticed myself drifting off deep in fantasies of other men having their wicked way with me, totally unaware that my boyfriend knew, loved it, and might even be hiding somewhere close to watch and listen.

Suddenly, it was all I could think about, and it was really turning me on. I had the distinct feeling my boyfriend didn’t think I had the courage to go through with any of this, especially since we hadn’t even discussed it further since he brought it up the previous week….

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